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Cruved rooflights

As the name suggests, a curved rooflight has a rounded shape, with the radius of the profiles and plastic panels being made according to the project specifications.

We supply curved rooflights and coverings made from high-quality aluminium or polycarbonate or other plastics, fully tailor-made. Arcolux rooflights are constructed from a proprietary profile system. This system results in a solid construction that enables large self-supporting spans to be achieved. In combination with the chosen materials, this ensures an impact-resistant and strong daylight solution.

The profiles are manufactured from high-quality plain, powder-coated or anodised aluminium. The rooflight can be placed on steel, wooden, plastic or concrete upstands. Our coverings are fully self-supporting but can also be provided with additional structural elements.


The curved rooflights from Arcolux are made from high-quality plastic. The use of plastic makes it possible to realise the desired curved shapes and also ensures that the entire construction, including the aluminium profiles, has a low weight. The plastic is extremely impact-proof, can be made hail-resistant (up to and including HW5) and can offer good insulation values. In addition, the entire construction can be made fire spread resistant to EN 13501-5 and DIN 4102-7.

Glazing options:

  • polycarbonate (PC), solid (single, double or multi-walled)
  • polycarbonate (PC), hollow core panel
  • acrylic (PMMA), solid (single, double or multi-walled)
  • lightproof

For each type of panel, we can provide advice in the areas of colours, insulation values (Energy Performance Compliant /EPC), light and sun irradiance values, sun protection, fire safety, fall protection and soundproofing.

Integrated protection from the sun

The plastic panels can be given an integrated sun and heat-resistant coating. The plastic glazing material used by Arcolux is protected against UV as standard.

Glazing with printing

The plastic panels can be given full-colour foil prints to create a unique rooflight (e.g. with your logo).


Arcolux supplies systems with optimal insulation values according to EN ISO 6946 for both the panels (Ug) and the complete system (Uw), for which the latest insulation technologies are used.

All popular ventilation systems can be used in Arcolux rooflights. From simple, manually operated ventilation vents and grilles to centrally controlled electrical or pneumatic systems for the automatic venting of smoke and heat. See below for an overview of the possibilities. In addition, a ventilation system can also be mounted in a bulkhead.

Gebogen lichtstraat RWA


Detail drawings of ventilation options


Industrial vent

pdfDetail of side

pdfDetail of upstand on hinge side

pdfDetail of upstand on opening side


Thermal vent

pdfBrochure, single thermal vent

pdfDetail of side

pdfDetail of upstand on hinge side

pdfDetail of upstand on opening side


Sliding vent

pdfTransverse section

pdfLongitudinal section



pdfOpening side 

pdfHinged side


Half thermal vent

Train vent Ventilatie

For stringent requirements in areas such as impact resistance, insulation or fire safety, you’ve come to the right place at Arcolux. Our aluminium constructions with plastic are tested according to the following Dutch and European standards:

  • Air permeability (NEN 1026:2000)
  • Watertightness (NEN 14963:2006 and ETAG 010)
  • Upward load (NEN 14963:2006 and ETAG 010)
  • Downward load (NEN 14963:2006 and ETAG 010)
  • Soft body impact 350/800/1200 Joules (NEN 14963:2006)
  • Hard body impact (NEN 14963:2006)
  • Fire spread resistance (EN 13501-5 and DIN 4102-7)


Glass & plastic

The designs and constructions are realised on the basis of:

Eurocode 0 Basis

  • NEN-EN 1990: Basis of structural design

Eurocode 1 Actions on structures

  • NEN-EN 1991-1-3: Snow loads
  • NEN-EN 1991-1-4: Wind loads

Eurocode 9 Design of aluminium structures

  • NEN-EN 1991-1-1: General rules

Below, you will find the specifications texts for the general definition of an Arcolux curved rooflight and canopy. Arcolux projects are fully tailor-made and, if necessary, we can compile the relevant specification text for you. Please contact us for more information.

Specification text:

Design: Arcolux curved rooflight, curved transparent canopy.

Clear opening, free span (mm): 1000 - 16000 (larger on request)

Clear opening, length (mm): unlimited

Upstand width (mm): (minimum 50 mm):

Endpieces: insulated bulkhead / bulkhead with glazing / wall connection / open side.

Glazing: polycarbonate (PC), solid (single, double or multi-walled) / 
polycarbonate (PC), hollow core panel, acrylic (PMMA) / solid (single, double or multi-walled) / lightproof.

Glazing thickness (mm): Polycarbonate, hollow core panel: 10 / 16 / 20 / 25 mm.
Polycarbonate or solid acrylic: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 mm.

Glazing design: opaque / clear / heat-resistant / coloured / with full-colour foil print.

Optional: Fire spread resistant according to EN 13501-5 and DIN 4102-7.

Glazing profile: dry clamped with EPDM seals.

Fire spread resistance: according to NEN-EN 13501-5.

Profile: standard / thermally broken / .....

Rubber seal: .....

Profile height (mm): .....

Profile width (mm): .....

Aluminium type and grade (EN 573-3) (EN AW): 6060 T66

Surface treatment: plain /powder-coated (Qualicoat) / plain anodised / coloured anodised (Qualanod).

Colour (RAL): .....

Upstand material: glass reinforced polyester, UV-resistant and weatherproof

Ventilation: (none) / industrial vent / half thermal vent / thermal vent / sliding vent / SHEVS / grille.

Ventilation operation: manual / electric / pneumatic / wind and rain station (WRS).

Fall safety: fall-safe construction and glazing 350 / 600 / 800 / 1200 Joules (NEN 14963:2006).

Security features: individual anchor points (DIN EN-795:2012).

Projects with a curved rooflight

Projects with a curved rooflight

Installation with Partners & Arcolux itself

Arcolux has an extensive partner network in Europe and its own offices in the Netherlands and France. You can have the installation carried out by Arcolux or one of our partners or you can do it yourself.


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