Choice of construction

With more than 35 years of experience in the construction of rooflights, we are pleased to provide you with the advice you need. We offer support in the design phase and help you to realise the right construction. We perform strength calculations and come up with ideas for cost savings or improvements. Because all rooflights and roof constructions are tailor-made, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Option glass or plastic

Many of our rooflights can be made in both plastic and glass. If you want a curved or domed construction, then plastic polycarbonate material is often used for this because it can be easily made into virtually any shape. For highly insulated (flat) skylights or rooflights, we use almost exclusively glass that can offer HR++ or HR+++ insulation values up to U = 0.50 W/m²K.

Not a day without light

Daylight is a sustainable alternative to artificial light with a positive effect on your health and the environment. The biological clock functions optimally on daylight, which also plays an important role in our ability to make vitamin D. Moreover, it helps to avoid depression and keeps us awake, alert and active by producing wake-up hormones and suppressing the production of sleep hormones.